Manufactured Products

Pressure Testing Tools

Designs & manufactures both tubing and casing two hose pressure testing tools. Different variations of these tools allows for specialized testing of frac ports, sleeves, and other related equipment

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Power Thread Washer

A PTW or Power Thread Washer is used to clean the thread and seal areas of both the box and pin ends of any API, Premium Connection, and Drill Pipe.

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Stab-In & Break-Out Guides

Also referred to as Stabbing Guides and Pulling Guides, Stab In and Break Out Guides are available for sizes 1 1/4″ (31.8mm) –20” (508mm)

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Tubing Drifts, Casing Drifts, and Drill Pipe Drifts

Drifts are available for sizes 1 1/14″ (31.8mm) to 20″ (508mm). We are also able to manufacture a drift up to a maximum of a 26″ O.D. We have many sizes and weights already in stock and ready to go

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Feature Products

Hydrotestors originally founded in 1980, has constantly invested in the research and development of making key product improvements into the design and manufacture of specialized tubing and casing equipment. All of these improvements had two main goals, safety of the worker and product efficiency

Some of these products are listed as follows;

  • Tubing Testing Tools
  • Casing Testing Tools
  • Tubing and Casing Testing Trucks, Portable Skid Units, Sea-Can Units
  • Tubing Power Thread Washer
  • Casing Power Thread Washer
  • Tubing and Casing Stabbing Guides, Break-Out (Pulling) Guides
  • Tubing and Casing Drifts and Drift Tapes (Snake)