Stab In Break Out Guides

1 ¼” (31.8mm) to 20” (508mm)

guide-1More commonly referred to as Stabbing and Pulling Guides, Stab In and Break Out Guides are available for sizes 1 1/4″ (31.8mm) –20” (508mm)

Stab In and Break Out Guides can be made for all of the following :






Running a Stab-In Guide for 5 ½” API LTC Casing


  • API Tubing
  • API Casing
  • API Drill Pipe


  • Premium tubing
  • Premium Casing
  • Premium Drill Pipe


Most OCTG running procedures promote the use of a Stab–in Guide. Most Premium Tubular Supervision Companies, as well as Tubular Suppliers recommend the use of a Stab In and Break Out Guide for all Premium Connections. The same theory of using a Stab In and Break Out Guide could be carried over to all API Tubing, Casing and Drill Pipe.

Stab In Guides are used while running pipe to protect the pin threads and seal area, as well as the box end threads from being damaged by missed stabs during make–up.

Break Out Guides are used while pulling pipe to protect the pin and box threads from hanging up by keeping the connection centered to allow proper thread clearance during the break apart process.

All Stab In and Break Out Guides have a plastic urethane insert that will not damage the box or pin areas or the connection. This plastic urethane is good for extreme cold and hot conditions and is resistant to most chemicals.



2.375 API EUE 4.7LB Break-Out Guide Cross Section Close-Up


2.375 API EUE 4.7LB Stab-In and Break-Out Guide
2.375 API EUE 4.7LB Stab-In Guide Cross Section Close-Up